1×2 betting explained for beginners 

What is 1×2 betting? With the rise of the online sportsbook industry, many African players have become fond of registering and placing bets at betting sites. These operators provide them with the chance of placing bets on their favourite sports at any time and place, just as long as they have a stable Internet connection.

Speaking of placing bets, when beginners register and want to wager on a certain sport, the most commonly chosen bet type is 1×2 betting. That is what we wanted to discuss in detail. We are going to see what does 1×2 betting represent, explain how it works, why is it popular, and finally, check the best betting sites that offer this type of bet.

How does 1×2 betting work?

1×2 betting is really easy to understand. By placing a 1×2 bet, you are just betting on one of the three possible outcomes of a match. The numbers represent home win, draw, and away win. The 1×2 betting system correlates to the following outcomes:

  • 1 – home win
  • X – the outcome of the game is a draw
  • 2 – away win

There are odds for each outcome and they are formed based on which team is better, what is their recent form, what do the statistics show when both parties go head-to-head, etc. The 1×2 betting system can be implemented in pretty much every sport that you can think of.

That includes team sports such as football, basketball, handball, but also individual sports such as tennis, boxing, MMA, table tennis, etc. In individual sports, 1 represents Player 1, while 2 represents Player 2.

An example of 1×2 bet explained

To help you understand the 1×2 betting system better, we are more than happy to provide you with an example. Let’s take the opening game of the 2021/2022 Premier League between Brentford and Arsenal.

This match has Brentford as the home team, while Arsenal is the away team. If you think that Brentford will win and you want to wager your opinion, you just have to find the game in your chosen online sportsbook and choose 1. But, if you think that Arsenal will win, then you must choose 2. Finally, if you want the match between these two teams to end in a draw, you can choose X.

If you are wondering how your winnings are calculated, the math is pretty simple. You just take a look at what the odds are and multiply them with your wager. Since we took Brentford versus Arsenal as an example to see how the betting system works, we’ll use that game to explain the payouts.

At the moment, the odds for Brentford to win are 4.2. If you put a wager of $2 in your currency equivalent on this game, your outcome will be the odds (4.2) multiplied by the wager ($2). That means that your potential winnings will be $8.4.

On the other hand, Arsenal’s odds of winning are 1.83. If you use the same wager, which is $2, then your potential winnings will be $3.66 in your currency equivalent. Finally, the odds of the game finishing in a draw are 3.75. With a $2 wager, your potential winnings will be $7.5 in your currency equivalent.

One thing that you should keep in mind is the fact that some fees on the winnings might be applied.

Why is 1×2 betting so popular?

There are a couple of reasons why 1×2 betting is pretty simple. For starters, this is the best option for beginners who are just learning the basics of sports betting. We just explained how the system works and it is very simple to understand.

Next up, the 1×2 betting system is a standard type that is featured in pretty much every online sportsbook. Not only that, but the odds of one of the three outcomes are always good. The matches that have pretty low odds, mean that the chances of that particular outcome to be a winner are high. So, in a way, 1×2 also represents a safe betting system.

Not only that, but 1×2 betting also includes a sub-category that is called double chance. With double chance, you are actually able to bet on 2 of the possible three scenarios of a match. The available bet types are 1X and 2X. The first type states that the match will end in either the home team winning or the match finishing in a draw. The second type means that either the away team will win, or the match will end in a draw.

Best betting sites offering 1×2 betting

As we just mentioned, 1×2 betting, which is also known as three-way betting is featured in pretty much every online sportsbook. Hence, choosing the best betting site may be a difficult task, since every player has individual preferences. Butt, we are going to provide you with a couple of guidelines that can help you make the best pick.

First, you should always opt-in for online sportsbooks that are licenced and secure. You can check the licence by scrolling at the bottom of the home page. As for its security, online sportsbooks use SSL encryption software. All you have to do to see whether the site is SSL encrypted is to take a look at its URL. Search for the letter S right beside HTTP. If the letter S is present, then the site utilizes the said security system.

But, that’s not all. The next thing that you should see is whether three-way betting is featured, but as we said, every online sportsbook has this system. Go to the banking page and see what are the accepted payment methods. If the sportsbook features local payment methods, then the better it is for you.

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Compare the odds and the featured bonuses and promotions as they can make a huge difference. Check whether the site features a mobile app or whether it is optimized for mobile use. Finally, it is worth looking at the array of available sports that you can bet on and whether local currencies are accepted.

Once you’ve gathered all of this information, then you can make a list of all the pros and cons of the sportsbooks, compare the results, and thus, make your pick.


The 1×2 betting system, or also known as three-way betting is very simple and easy to understand. You are basically wagering your money on one of the three possible outcomes of a match – home win, away win, or a draw.

Thanks to the fact that it is extremely popular, you can find it at every online sportsbook. Of course, if you wish to place bets on a certain match, you will have to register an account at the chosen operator. The odds will vary on how competitive the teams/players are, or in other words, how good they are.

Since 1×2 betting is extremely simple and easy to understand, this is the perfect choice for beginners who are learning the basics of betting on sports. Finally, the payouts are easily calculated when placing a bet on the home team to win, the away team to win, or a draw. You just multiply the odds by your bet. Take the commissions into consideration, if the sportsbook has them.