Being able to bet at an online sportsbook that has a simple layout and allows you to navigate through and find your favourite sport is a massive plus and that is exactly the benefit that registered players at OdiBets experience. 

This is a licenced and secure online sportsbook that features tons of available sports and has its own mobile app that will allow you to bet on the go, as long as you are connected to the Internet. Not only that but OdiBets also has a wide array of bonuses that can maximise your winnings.

Interested in some OdiBets key facts?

  • OdiBets is an African sportsbook that allows players from this region to bet on pretty much every sport that they can think of. Various African leagues and competitions are also featured at this operator. 
  • OdiBets is a licenced and regulated online sportsbook. Not only that but it utilizes the latest SSL encryption software to keep all of its registered players safe and keep their data out of harm’s way while they enjoy wagering on sports. 
  • OdiBets features a plethora of fantastic sportsbook bonuses including Free Bets, cashbacks, and free first deposits of the day. To claim these bonuses, you need to be a registered player.
  • OdiBets is available in most African countries and comes with a mobile app that allows players to bet on the go.

OdiBets review by country

OdiBets history

OdiBets is a well-established sportsbook and thanks to its fantastic features, it managed to attract many African players over the years. These days, this operator allows players from pretty much every African country to bet on whichever sport they want. 

The only condition for the players is that they need to register. The good thing is that the process is very fast, simple, and it only requires you to fill in an online application form with some basic information about yourself. 

After you’ve done that, you will gain access to everything that OdiBets has to offer, including the numerous bonuses and promotions.

Why choose OdiBets?

There are quite a few reasons why you should opt-in to bet at OdiBets. For starters, this is an African-based online sportsbook, meaning that you will have plenty of African tournaments and leagues to bet on. 

Not only that, but OdiBets accepts payments with M-Pesa and is a very secure online sportsbook. Thanks to the fact that it utilizes the latest SSL encryption software, your data will always stay protected. Not to mention that OdiBets is a licenced operator, meaning that it can provide its services to African players legally. 

Finally, OdiBets comes with a mobile app through which you can bet on the go. It comes with light and dark mode, it operates fast, you will be provided with a unique mobile bonus once you download it, and you will be able to stream live games. 

OdiBets Pros and Cons

Every fundamental in life has its advantages and disadvantages. Such is the case with OdiBets as well. Since this review needs to be realistic, we are going to take a look at all of the pros and cons that this operator has. Let’s start with the good news first. 

Pros / Cons
  • African leagues are featured
  • Licenced and secure online sportsbook
  • Numerous bonuses and promotions
  • A mobile app that comes with a special bonus
  • Not a lot of accepted payment methods

OdiBets registration

If African players want to place bets on sports at OdiBets, they will need to register. Luckily, the process of registration is very fast and simple. That means that you will have no issue completing, regardless of your age or skill. The website’s layout is also simple; hence you will have no difficulties navigating. Let’s check the details on how to open an account in this sportsbook.

How to open a OdiBets account

To open an account at OdiBets sportsbook, African players need to complete the following steps: 

1) Open your browser and access OdiBets’ official website

2) Click on Join Now – the button is located at the top right corner of the screen

3) Enter your number and type in your password

4) Select Create User and wait for a PIN which is received via SMS

5) Enter the PIN to verify your account

Enjoy placing bets!

Open OdiBets AccountOpen OdiBets Account

OdiBets review quick links

OdiBets Sports Betting

As the name of the operator suggests, the main focus at this site is sports betting. You will be pleased to know that OdiBets offers tons of sportsbook services. All of the world’s most popular sports categories including football, basketball, cricket, tennis, ice hockey, rugby, baseball, American football, etc. are featured here. 

What’s even better is the fact that since this is a Kenyan online sportsbook that provides its services throughout Africa, most African leagues in the aforementioned categories are featured. That is a massive benefit as African players can bet on numerous local events. 

Finally, when registering to bet on sports at OdiBets, you will also be eligible to claim numerous sportsbook bonuses. They come in various forms with some of the most popular being cashbacks and Free Bets. There’s also a rewarding welcome offer for all newly registered players. As for the most popular categories, football is the sport that takes the throne at Odibets. 

OdiBets Football Betting

Considering the fact that football is the most popular sport in Africa and the world, it is no wonder that it is the most popular sport to bet on at OdiBets. There are numerous African and international leagues/competitions on which you can bet once you register at this operator. 

Some of the bet types that you can place on football matches include match winner, draw, and double chance. The odds vary based on your bet type. 

Betting on Other Sports

As we mentioned earlier in this OdiBets review, the operator has tons of other categories aside from football where you can bet on. The rules remain the same, though. If you wish to place bets, you must be a registered player and you must have funds in your account. The two other categories that are almost as popular as football are tennis and basketball.

Tennis Betting

If African players wish to bet on tennis, they will be pleased to know that this category includes numerous international competitions, including Grand Slam tournaments for both Men’s and Women’s categories. That means that you have plenty of competitions to choose from, hence you will be flexible with your bets. The most popular bet types in tennis are match winners. 

Basketball Betting

As for basketball, this category is also vast and dynamic. Not only are several African leagues/competitions featured, but some of the world’s most popular leagues, including the NBA, are also available. Almost all countries are featured in the basketball category at OdiBets.

OdiBets Kenya

At the beginning of this review, we mentioned that OdiBets is a Kenyan-based online sportsbook so it’s logical that the operator will provide its residents with sportsbook services. After Kenyan players register at this site, they will gain access to all of its sportsbook services and its bonuses. Speaking of the bonuses, the first one that they will receive after registering is the welcome bonus. 

OdiBets Kenya Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus at OdiBets Kenya comes in the form of a Free Bet. The Free Bet is worth KSHS 30. Using the Free Bet is easy and as the name of the bonus itself suggests, it allows you to win real money rewards on sports without the need of wagering real money. 

How to get the OdiBets Kenya Bonus?

To claim the OdiBets Kenya welcome bonus, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Access Odibets via your browser
  2. Register an account
  3. Your Free Bet will be credited once you register an account
  4. Verify your account via SMS
  5. Use the Free Bet on a certain match

Claim KSHS 30 OdiBets BonusClaim KSHS 30 OdiBets Bonus


OdiBets Kenya Deposit Methods

The only small flaw that OdiBets Kenya has is the lack of methods through which you can deposit funds to your account. At the moment, the only available deposit method is M-Pesa. To deposit funds, you need to log in, open your account and select the preferred amount. All deposits at OdiBets Kenya are instant and come free of charge. Once you deposit your funds, you will receive a mobile notification in which you will have to approve the deposit.

As for betting on sports, you can text your predictions to 29680. The minimum stake is KSHS 1 and the maximum stake is KSHS 50,000. 

OdiBets Kenya Withdrawal Methods

As for withdrawals, they are done via SMS. Once you request a withdrawal at OdiBets, you will have to confirm it via SMS. Here’s how the process goes. You send a text with the following structure: W#Amount to 29680. Alternatively, you can withdraw funds via the browser. The minimum withdrawal amount is KSHS 100 and one thing that is worth a mention is that fees are applied on withdrawals. 

OdiBets Customer Support Kenya

If players from Kenya want to reach the Customer support team at OdiBets, they have a couple of ways through which they can contact them.

  • Their phone contact is 0709 183 680
  • Facebook (/odibets)
  • Twitter (@odibets)

OdiBets license Kenya

As for the licence, Kenyan players will be pleased to hear that OdiBets is licenced by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya. The licence comes under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act and its number is 0000185. 

The licence makes OdiBets a credible and trustworthy sportsbook where players can safely wager on any sport that they think of.

Claim OdiBets BonusClaim OdiBets Bonus


OdiBets Ghana

OdiBets Ghana provides all players from this country with various sportsbook services. There are over 50 sports categories to choose from, including domestic leagues and competitions. Not only that, but this sportsbook also has a plethora of bonuses and promotions in store for the registered players.

OdiBets Ghana Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus at OdiBets Ghana comes in the form of a Free Bet. The Free Bet is worth GHs 3.

How to get the OdiBets Ghana Bonus?

To receive the welcome bonus at OdiBets Ghana, you must follow these steps:

  1. Access OdiBets Ghana via your browser or the mobile app
  2. Complete the registration form
  3. Make your first deposit
  4. Meet the terms and conditions
  5. Receive the bonus as a Free Bet up to GHs 3
  6. Bet on sports!

Claim GHs 3 OdiBets BonusClaim GHs 3 OdiBets Bonus


OdiBets Ghana Deposit Methods

If players want to deposit funds to their account at Odibets Ghana, they can use MTN, Airtel Tigo, and Vodafone. The process Is very fast. The minimum deposit amount is GHS1. Fees on withdrawals may be applied, so players from Ghana should pay attention to that. 

OdiBets Ghana Withdrawal Methods

You can use MTN, Airtel Tigo, and Vodafone to withdraw from OdiBets Ghana. You will need to login to you account and select “Withdraw” button from the main menu. Minimum withdrawal amount is GHs. 5.

All withdrawals are instant and you can request it any time. Please note that additional carrier fees apply when processing withdrawal requests to your account.

OdiBets Customer Support Ghana

If you need to contact customer support you can use the number below.

  • Their phone contact is 030 700 0585
  • Facebook (/odibets)
  • Twitter (@OdiBetsGhana)


OdiBets license Ghana

Accra Ghana operates the OdiBets brand and authorized and regulated by the Gaming Commission of Ghana under Gaming Act 721.

Claim OdiBets BonusClaim OdiBets Bonus


OdiBets Nigeria

OdiBets may be based in Kenya, but it also provides its services to Nigerian players. Nigerian players can rest assured knowing that they can register and place bets at this sportsbook. Betting on numerous sports, including Nigerian sports leagues is also available. The process of registration is the same as the one at OdiBets Kenya. It takes just a minute. 

Is OdiBets available in Nigeria?

As you concluded by now, OdiBets is available in Nigeria. Not only that, but Nigerian players can claim all of the featured bonuses and promotions at OdiBets, including the welcome bonus. Of course, they will need to keep an eye on the terms and conditions. Betting on numerous sports, including Nigerian sports leagues is also available.

Claim OdiBets BonusClaim OdiBets Bonus

OdiBets Tanzania

If players from Tanzania are looking to wager on sports at a reputable and respected online sportsbook, then there’s no need to look further than OdiBets. Once they register at this site, they will gain access to numerous sports categories and will be able to claim tons of bonuses and promotions. The site is secure, which means that Tanzanian players can rest assured knowing that their data is safely stored and kept out of harm’s way. 

Is OdiBets available in Tanzania?

OdiBets is available in Tanzania and players can place bets on any sport that they can think of. There are also Tanzanian domestic competitions available and players can bet on them via text messages. They can also claim bonuses and promotions, but to do that, they must meet the wagering requirements.

Claim OdiBets BonusClaim OdiBets Bonus

OdiBets Zambia

Players from Zambia can also bet at OdiBets if they are looking to register at a licenced and secure online sportsbook. OdiBets utilizes the latest security system which will keep players safe by turning their data into unbreakable codes. In doing so, players from Zambia will be able to bet on sports without worrying about their security. 

Is OdiBets available in Zambia?

Yes, OdiBets is available in Zambia and if players want to wager on sports via this sportsbook, all they have to do is register. Once the process of registration is complete, they will have to verify their account. Then, they will gain access to numerous sports leagues and the bonuses and promotions such as Free Bets and cashbacks. 

Claim Zambia BonusClaim Zambia Bonus


OdiBet App and Mobile Betting

Apart from allowing its registered African players to bet on sports via a browser OdiBets also has a mobile bet that they can use to bet on sports. The only condition to bet on sports is to have an Android device that has Android 4.4 or higher, which is not a big problem considering the fact that 4.4 is extremely obsolete technology. 

How to bet on mobile?

The mobile app comes with a few interesting benefits. For starters, it allows you to live stream games. It supports both light and dark mode, it is much faster than the browser version, and most importantly – once you download it and use it, you will receive a special Free Bet. 

One thing that is also worth a mention is that there is one other alternative to bet on sports via mobile. African players can simply text 29680 the match and the prediction. 

If you wish to bet on mobile, you will have to download the mobile app. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Access OdiBets via your mobile browser
  2. Open the Menu tab and tap on Download the App
  3. Download the Odi App
  4. Log in or sign up and bet on sports

OdiBets Sportsbook Odds

As you can see, OdiBets has quite a few good features. Well, it is time to add another one. Not only can registered players at this sportsbook bet on numerous sports, but they will also be pleased to hear that this operator has some of the best sportsbook odds in Ghana and other markets.

The better the odds are, the higher the winnings will be and that is exactly what African players will be provided with. But, of course, if you wish to bet on sports at OdiBets, you will have to register. Each category at this operator also has several bet types at your disposal. Finally, by betting via your mobile device, you can make the process extremely efficient and effective.

Live Betting on OdiBets


With the Odi Live category, registered African players at OdiBets can bet on sports live. The process is simple. All you have to do is open the Odi Live category, which is located right next to the home button. After the page is loaded, you will gain access to all of the live matches of the day.

OdiBets Casino

Unfortunately, OdiBets does not have a casino category where you can access various games by some of the world’s greatest providers. Betting on sports is the only form of wagering money that is provided to African players when they register

OdiBets Review Summary

There’s no denying the fact that OdiBets is a reputable online sportsbook. For starters, it is licenced in both Kenya and Ghana. Furthermore, as we saw in this review, the operator utilizes the latest SSL encryption software and thus, keeps players safe while they enjoy their betting journey. 

Speaking of betting on sports, there are over 50 sports categories to choose from. That includes football, tennis, boxing, MMA, basketball, etc. African leagues and competitions are featured, which is no surprise since this is an African-based sportsbook.

There are numerous bonuses and promotions in store for registered players. Some of them are the welcome bonus, cashback bonuses, daily deposit bonuses, and more. If players decide to download the app and use it to wager on the featured sports, they will also receive a special Free Bet. 

Speaking of the app, it is easy to download and install and it provides players with a lot of benefits. Live streaming games, the aforementioned bonus, and efficient betting are some of those benefits. Moreover, the app supports both light and dark modes and is compatible with all Android devices. 

The only small flaw that Odibets has is the fact that it does not support numerous payment methods, but since its accepted methods are all local, African players will have no issue depositing and withdrawing money from their accounts.

Visit OdiBetsVisit OdiBets


Does OdiBets accept local currency?

Players from Ghana and Kenya can use their local currency to bet at OdiBets.

Does OdiBets accept M-Pesa?

Yes, players can use M-Pesa as a payment method at OdiBets.

Does OdiBets accept Airtel?

While OdiBets Kenya does not accept payments with Airtel, OdiBets Ghana allows its registered players to use Airtel as a payment method.

How to register on OdiBets?

To register at OdiBets, you need to access the sportsbook via their browser, click on the Sign Up button, and type in your phone number. You will receive an SMS with a code that you need to paste into the required field and thus, verify your account.

Is OdiBets legal?

OdiBets is licenced by the Gaming Commission of Ghana under Gaming Act 721 (Ghana) and the Betting Control and Licensing Board (Kenya). Hence, this sportsbook is legal.

How do I get a welcome bonus at OdiBets?

To receive the welcome bonus at OdiBets, you just need to register. The welcome bonus is a Free Bet that allows you to bet on the match winner or draw via your phone.

Is OdiBets secure?

OdiBets utilizes the latest SSL encryption software which means that this sportsbook is secure and will keep African players safe while they bet on the featured sports.


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