Best Kenyan Live Betting Sites 2022

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Live betting is an increasingly popular part of the online betting scene in Kenya. The excitement that comes with the ever-changing outcome of in-game events adds an extra layer of fun that punters adore! Luckily, most betting sites operating in the region have live betting on offer! Punters are free to sign up with pretty much any Kenyan operator and enjoy this feature as they see fit.

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Best Live Betting Sites in Kenya


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Top 3 Live Betting Sites in Kenya

As we mentioned, live betting is very widespread in Kenya. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all in-play betting offers are equally as good. Live betting offers can differ in terms of which sports they’re available on and what types of bets they allow. They can also support different features such as cash out and bet builder, albeit this is extremely rare. At the moment, a few websites tend to stand apart from the others when live betting is in question. If you’re eager to learn more about the best live betting sites in Kenya, the next few are the ones to watch.


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It’s no surprise to see 10bet on this list as it’s one of the best betting sites in the region. With 10bet live betting, Kenyan punters are privy to tons of local markets, extensive coverage of many international leagues, and several obscure offers. At the moment, soccer, tennis, and basketball are the go-to for most players. Of course, sports like table tennis, volleyball, and darts also make the list! Plenty of different bet types are also available depending on the sport of your choosing.


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Odibets is a local Kenyan betting site with plenty of top-notch features for users to explore. One of these excellent features is the live betting offer! The site has a great selection of live betting markets, including hot international leagues and local games. Users can place a variety of bets, including totals, money line bets, and more! Additionally, plenty of sports are covered in the live betting offer, including football, tennis, and baseball!


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SportPesa is another local Kenyan betting site that does a great job of offering users premium in-play betting. While the operator covers several big-name foreign markets, its main focus is on the local ones. Punters that want to bet on their home team in-play have a chance to do so at SportPesa. The offer includes games and leagues in Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and further! Currently, most of the in-play betting markets are in the football category, but other popular sports also get some coverage.

Best Football Live Betting Sites in Kenya

Whether it’s traditional or live betting, football is king. Currently, football is the most popular sport in the world. Punters worldwide are clamoring over the betting opportunities that arise from it, and Kenyan punters are no exception. Live betting on football is massively popular as football markets are the most common here. The good news is, there are plenty of betting sites operating in Kenya that have premium live football betting offers.

All the best leagues with 10bet and Betway

When international operators are in question, the list is more extensive. Big-name betting sites like 10bet and Betway do an excellent job of providing an exciting live betting experience. These sites offer in-play betting on popular leagues, including the Premier League, LaLiga, Champions League, and more! What gives these operators an edge in Kenya is the live streaming option that often comes with them. Punters can watch the game unfold and take better note of the rising betting opportunities.

Local operators like OdiBets

Local operators also have some excellent offers on deck. One great example of Kenyan live betting is OdiBets. Since the betting site has a more narrow focus on several sports, local football markets are plentiful. Of course, this includes many live betting football markets focusing on regional games and leagues! If you’re both a fan of local games and live betting, there’s no better option than this one!

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Best Tennis Live Betting Sites in Kenya

The tennis live betting scene is nearly as active as the football one. Tennis has been gaining more and more viewership each subsequent year, so its bustling live betting scene isn’t surprising. In Kenya, in-play tennis betting is a pretty big hit. While it might not be as widespread as football is, it does deserve an honorable mention!

Action packed live tennis betting

It’s safe to say that high-quality live betting tennis sites are a bit scarcer. The good news is, there are a select few that do an excellent job of making punters happy. With tennis, it’s mainly the international operators that keep things alive. At the moment, the best you can go for is 10bet. The site offers in-play betting for some of the largest tennis events worldwide! Additionally, it does have a few interesting bonuses that do apply to in-play betting!

Local operators like OdiBets

Local operators also have some excellent offers on deck. One great example of Kenyan live betting is OdiBets. Since the betting site has a more narrow focus on several sports, local football markets are plentiful. Of course, this includes many live betting football markets focusing on regional games and leagues! If you’re both a fan of local games and live betting, there’s no better option than this one!

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What is Live Betting?

It’s good to note that live betting can be pretty different than other forms of betting. The odds and lines are constantly changing as a result of what’s happening in the game. On top of that, some specific bet types are exclusive to this betting form! In plenty of cases, these unique bet types are not only more rewarding, but they can be tons more fun.


One of the biggest benefits of live betting is that most lines are decided by humans, not tech. While most punters might not understand why this is a good thing, the answer is simple. Live betting lines are often looser than others. The reason for this is because the oddsmakers have far less time to study the progression of events. Thanks to this, subtle mistakes can be made that work in the punter’s favor!

Most important features of live betting

The most important features of live betting should be pretty clear to every by now. The main one is the ability to place bets once the game starts. Not being limited to pre-match bets opens up many doors to fun new betting types. The changing odds and lines are also a very important feature of in-play betting. Betting live on varying opinions that are constantly changing is simply impossible with other types of betting.

Different types of live bets

As we mentioned, live betting supports a variety of bets that make things more interesting. One thing punters should know is that several traditional bets are also available when betting live. Spread bets such as point spread, totals, and money line bets are all on the list. Of course, these are just a few of the many bets punters can place when betting live.


What gives live betting an edge is the special proposition bets available for the activity. Typical prop bets are already fun in their own right. With live betting, they’re much more common and change quickly! A great example of this would be betting on who’s next to score. Players can bet on the next potential scorer, and once that bet is settled, a new market opens! Of course, this creates a looped bet of betting on the next person to score a point!


Live Betting Strategy

Live betting strategy is as easy or as complicated as you make it. Since punters place their bets as the game is happening, things are always changing. There’s no one strategy that’s the “end all be all” of live betting. Players can follow some guidelines to minimize risk and maximize potential betting opportunities.

Win the most with right live betting strategy

  • Do your research: While live games are always changing, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come prepared. Learn as much as you can about the game beforehand and use it to your advantage. Being primed for a game can make it easier to spot great odds and growing betting opportunities.


  • Stay focused: The best live betting strategy is staying focused and following the game. If you pay attention to the developing situation, you can spot game-changing details. With this subtle knowledge at your side, you may get an edge over the bookmakers.


  • The perceived downfall of favorites: If a fan favorite team is having a bad start, it can prompt bookies to move lines quickly. If you’re sure the team is going to make a comeback, take advantage of this! Of course, it’s important to note why the opposite team is taking the lead. If it seems to be more than just a lucky streak, the favorite might not take over after all.


  • Remember your limits: It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of live betting. With things changing constantly and new opportunities coming up, chasing losses is a common occurrence. Make sure to stick to your betting budget and make calculated bets. Chasing losses several times per game can lead to bad decisions.
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OdiBets Live Betting

Kenyan Live Betting FAQ

Live betting is betting on games that have already started but haven’t finished yet. Essentially, it’s betting on games that are currently in progress.

Live betting isn’t limited to certain sports, but the broadcasting of live betting games can be expensive. Naturally, this does limit the number of live betting events on most betting sites. Currently, the most popular live betting events are in football, tennis, and horse racing.

Several excellent live betting sites offer coverage of multiple markets. In Kenya, one of the best overall choices would be 10bet. The operator covers multiple sports and categories.

Like with all betting, you can earn money if you win the bets you place while live betting. Things in live betting are fast-paced and exciting, so the opportunities to earn are often better!

Yes, live betting sites are legal in Kenya. Live betting online is still a part of the online betting category, which has been legal in Kenya since 2011.

The biggest benefits of live betting come from its fast-paced and ever-changing nature. New opportunities arise often and it comes with unique bets. Additionally, human error from bookies is more common, which can be a big pro for cunning punters!

Cash-out is a feature that many online betting sites offer. The cash-out feature allows players to settle a bet for less than its full potential before the game ends. Given the nature of live betting, cash out is much more rarely offered in this type of betting.

Most betting sites offer Welcome Bonuses that include live betting. You can get these bonuses by registering on the website and opting in to receive them. It’s good to check the terms and conditions before you get any bonus. In some cases, live betting might not be eligible with the bonus funds.