Editorial Guidelines

Editorial guidelines are BestBettingAfrica’s values and standards when it comes to content creation. We believe that our editorial guidelines are paramount to publishing high-quality, valuable content. 

Editorial Goals

At BestBettingAfrica we want to ensure that our content has an impact and creates value for our readers. Setting editorial goals for our team creates a standard we strive to achieve with every piece of content produced. 

The goal of our content

We understand that the gambling market can be complicated and confusing, especially for beginners. Hence, the main goal of our content is to create a trustworthy, accurate, and locally relevant guide to the best online bookmakers and casinos in Africa. Our aim is to create unbiased, honest and easy-to-follow reviews of operators available to African players. We also strive to inform and educate our customers about the changes and developments in the betting market.

Key Strategies and Tactics

To create the content you can trust we personally research and test every operator we write about. Our content is based on our personal experiences and extensive knowledge of the betting markets and operators. 

Editorial Values

Our content without exception is guided by our editorial values:

  • Honesty

Above all we value honesty and transparency. Our reviews are always an honest representation of our experiences and beliefs. We will never purposely lie or mislead our readers. 

  • Accuracy

We believe that information available on any public domain should be correct and accurate at the time of publishing. Hence we aim to publish error-free, detailed content. Information used to create our content comes only from the trusted sources, like operators, government bodies, or local news. 

  • Impartiality

We are truly unbiased when it comes to reviewing gambling operators. We never provide preferential treatment to any of the betting companies or casinos. If we believe a betting company is good we will let you know. If we believe it is not, we will, without exception, inform you about our experience.

  • Local Relevancy

We believe that high-quality content should be locally relevant. For example, when we write about the best bookmakers for Kenyan players we make sure that they are truly the best options in Kenya. They accept Kenyan shillings and tailor their offers specifically to Kenyan punters. The same applies to any market we review. 

  • Accountability 

While we are committed to creating transparent and accurate content, mistakes may occur. After all, our content is created by humans, not robots, and people are prone to making mistakes. 

If inaccuracies or errors occur, we will correct them in a prompt manner. If you would like to provide feedback or highlight any inaccuracies in our original content, please feel free to send an email to info (at)

Core Topics and Types of Content

BestBettingAfrica is dedicated to providing content about:

  • Online betting companies operating in African markets
  • Online casino operators in African markets
  • Gambling landscape in Africa
  • Betting information and tips

The content is mostly presented in a form of detailed reviews and easy to follow how-to guides. 

Editorial Integrity 

BestBettingAfrica is committed to providing well-researched and honest information. 

What Makes a High-Quality Source

We believe information should come from high quality sources. The definition of a “quality source” highly varies in the industry. We only use primary sources to create our content. Our reviews, guides, and blogs always link to the relevant source of information. We use local, reliable newsagents, government bodies and information provided by the operators.

Process for Ensuring Accuracy

All our content comes from the original sources which ensures any errors are minimised. Our content goes through rigorous proofreading to ensure nothing was missed during the writing process. If you spot any inaccuracies please feel free to contact us.