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South Africa might be somewhat new to the online betting scene, but it’s quickly gotten the hang of it. Both world-famous operators and local ones have stepped up to the table, offering users excellent platforms to bet on! With the activity becoming more common, new betting sites are popping up. Similarly, established sites are building up a better rapport with punters to make their offers more enticing.

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Best South Africa Betting Sites


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Get 100% Bonus up to R50,000


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How to choose the best betting site in South Africa

Choosing a betting site might seem like a simple task, but it involves assessing several important aspects. Since there are plenty of betting sites currently open to South African visitors, the process is even harder. The differences between these sites are subtle, but they can mean a lot when the overall user experience is in question.

When choosing a betting site, there are a few major things to watch out for. First, it’s good to explore its sports and markets offer. While many sites offer a plethora of sports to bet on, the markets they include are limited to specific regions! Additionally, it’s good to be on the lookout for supporting features. These can include things like cash-out, live chat support, payment options, odds, and more.

The final judgment should be based on a pretty simple comparison between the offers on these sites. Punters need to weigh the pros and cons of betting on each of them and see which works best. Naturally, this also includes personal preferences. Not every punter looks for the same thing, so make sure to include your personal preferences in the process.

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How we rank the best betting sites

Our ranking system is pretty straightforward. We thoroughly check what a betting site has to offer and compare that to other offers in the area. Other than checking for what a betting site has, we also check for what it’s missing. With that information at hand, we make an unbiased judgment of which sites offer an overall premium betting experience.

Read our detailed reviews

If you’re not convinced by our recommendations, we won’t be offended! We don’t expect you to take our word as law, which is why we offer detailed reviews of online betting products. You can check the information and decide if a particular operator is a good fit for your needs. Read through the reviews carefully, and you should have no trouble making an informed decision that suits you best!

The best betting site in SA 2023

At the moment, you’ll find several excellent betting sites available to Nigerian players. Most of these sites offer excellent features that can play to your benefit. Of course, some are undoubtedly better than others! Right now, internationally well-established operators seem to be the best choice! They include a larger selection of sports and markets and have additional features that most local betting sites have omitted.

10bet South Africa

10bet apple devices

Launched in 2013, 10bet’s online betting product has grown immensely over the years. The betting giant has recently expanded to South Africa, and punters can’t seem to get enough of it! While 10bet offers plenty, its best features currently include its access to many international markets and its top-notch mobile platform.

Naturally, there are more things South Africa punters like about 10bet. A big reason for its popularity in the region is its modern design. Combined with its support of regional and international markets, the site is a fan favorite! The overall website is further enhanced by supporting features like live streaming, cash-out, and ongoing promotions and bonuses!

It’s easy to see that 10bet does a great job of taking care of its members. While the operator has tons of great benefits to offer, here are a few that stand out:


  • Plenty of sports and betting markets
  • Frequent promotions in different categories
  • Frequent Enhanced Odds
  • Plenty of payment options
  • Helpful betting information

How to join 10bet - step by step

If you’re convinced that 10Bet is the right choice for you, you can easily register an account with the operator. The process is quick and requires the use of some personal info. Here’s how you join:

  1. Open the 10bet mobile app or launch the website
  2. Tap the green “Join Now” button at the top right corner of the site or app
  3. Fill out the necessary personal information in the empty fields once prompted
  4. Agree to accept the terms & conditions and you’re finished!
10bet sports betting mobile hand

Best South Africa Betting site of the month

While globally popular betting sites offer excellent opportunities to South African punters, many prefer something more local. Luckily, several local operators have stepped up to the plate to give South African users a home-grown betting experience. These betting sites are much scarcer than the international ones, but their focus is more singular. They usually have a wider coverage of local markets!


bet9ja apple devices

Bet9ja might be a local Nigerian operator, but it covers far more ground than most other African betting sites. The site focuses on both local and international markets far beyond just Africa. Thanks to this, punters have a chance to bet on popular sports, niche ones, and even plenty of E-sports.


Arguably the best thing about Bet9ja is the variety it offers. The site boasts around thirty different sports to choose from and supports them with a host of features. Among these, users will find excellent mobile support, helpful tips, and more than enough promos and bonuses!

When bonuses at Bet9ja are in question, punters are in luck. Of the several offers on the website, the best one is arguably the Welcome Bonus. It consists of a 100% Deposit Match up to ₦100,000 and is very easy to acquire.

The benefits of playing at Bet9ja are undeniable, but some are much better than others! If you’re wondering what the best parts of registering with the operator are, here are a few of them:


  • A variety of sports and markets to bet on
  • Several E-sports markets
  • Excellent promotions and bonuses
  • Helpful tips and information
  • Great odds

How to join Bet9ja - step by step

Nigerian players that want to experience the joys of playing at Bet9ja can register with the site at any time. The entire ordeal only takes a couple of minutes and follows a simple process anyone can complete. Here’s what you need to do sign up:


  1. Open the Bet9ja app or website
  2. Click the yellow “Register” button at the top right corner of the website or mobile app
  3. Enter the required personal information once prompted (full name, address, phone number, date of birth, etc.)
  4. Accept the terms & conditions have fun betting!
bet9ja mobile-app

Best new licensed betting site in South Africa

To ensure the safety of South African punters, checking an operator’s license is crucial. Of course, most Nigerian operators have licenses. These websites are perfectly safe to play at and offer a host of features that give punters a leg up.

10bet logo

10bet South Africa

From in-play betting to boosted odds - 10bet has it all

10bet South Africa is a relatively newer operator that quickly rose to the top of the ranks. Since its launch in 2003, the once-local company has now expanded operations to 80 countries! Thanks to its comprehensive coverage of popular sports and its excellent features, it’s among the best-known betting sites worldwide. 10bet might be a new addition to the African market, but it’s a welcome one. SA punters are big fans of the operator, and we share the same sentiment.

Betting on mobile in SA

The rise of mobile is one of the main reasons for the popularity of online betting in Nigeria. Most punters prefer betting on their phones, which is understandable. Mobile betting comes with much more freedom. Combined with the excellent optimization of most SA betting sites, betting on mobile is an easy choice.

Top Sports Betting Apps

Sports betting apps in South Africa are somewhat rarer than betting sites. The good news is, the operators that offer them know what they’re doing! These dedicated mobile apps run well on most devices and offer the same features you’d find on PC. Additionally, users are also privy to mobile-exclusive bonuses and promos regularly. Here are some of the best apps in the region:

Betway Android
10bet logo

10bet App

10Bet: The 10bet app is a great example of brand cohesiveness. The app has the same modern design as the website and offers the same coverage of sports and markets. Things run without a hitch, and players can find it available on both iOS and Android. 

Bet9ja App

Bet9ja: Bet9ja is the only local operator to make it on this list. Of course, the app it offers is top-tier! Punters will find a plethora of markets, bonuses, and features included in the app. To make things better, the app runs without a hitch even on older devices!

betway logo

Betway App

Betway: Betway is another operator with an excellent mobile app. The app is insanely user-friendly, making it easy for punters to find their way around. The offers are practically a copy of the operator’s website, with some minor changes to suit smaller screens.

Live betting for SA players

Live betting is pretty common on South African betting sites these days. While not all sports are usually covered by a single site, they do cover plenty of markets. When popular events are in question, live betting is almost always available. Currently, the most common live betting markets are in the football, basketball, and tennis categories. From time to time, even niche sports get an in-play betting option!

Live Streaming in South Africa

Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular around the globe. In South Africa, this option is still somewhat scarce on most betting sites. While some operators do offer live streaming, it’s most likely limited to a few sports. In most cases, these sports include football, tennis, basketball, and a few others. Naturally, the service is available on select events, such as popular league events.

If you’re wondering which Nigerian betting sites are the best when live streaming is in question, these are the top picks:

betway mobile live stream

Betway TV - Live Stream

Betway: The live streaming feature at Betway is arguably one of the best far beyond just Nigeria. Users are privy to streaming football, tennis, ice hockey, and matches in many other sports throughout the year. To enjoy these features, users will need a funded Betway account.

Bet9ja - Live Stream

Bet9ja: The live streaming offer at Bet9ja mainly focuses on football. Users can find a range of football games and leagues to enjoy and even events in other sports sporadically. This is one of the most popular sportbook streams in Nigeria, commonly used all over the country by punters.

The best soccer betting sites for SA players

Soccer is not only the most popular sport in the world but in South Africa as well. Most of the region is enthralled in the fast-paced action of the sport. Knowing this, it’s easy to assume that football betting is a very active field. To support the love for the game, South Africa betting sites offer excellent odds on football, great market coverage, and interesting bets!

While the majority of South African betting sites cover football extensively, some do better than others. There are some contrasts here between local and international sites. Local sites usually do a better job of covering markets in the region, while international sites have better worldwide coverage.

10bet apple devices

10bet is practically undisputed when South Africa soccer betting is in question. The site manages to cover all major football world events, including the World Cup, the UEFA Champions League, and more! Of course, popular overseas markets like LaLiga, the English Premier League, and the UEFA Europa League.

Not only does 10bet cover all of these and some more niche events and games, but it offers premium support. From in-play betting and cash-out features to boosted odds and competitive odds in general, players are privy to the best! All of this is tied together with 10bet’s exclusive live streaming service and its generous bonus rewards.

While boosted odds and football-centered bonuses aren’t rare at 10bet, the best bonus to choose here is the Welcome Bonus. It offers a 100% loss bonus on your first bet. Here’s how you can take advantage of this bonus:


  1. Register an account
  2. Fill in your details
  3. Deposit to your account
  4. Place a bet with a 100 % loss bonus
premier-league logo

Premier League betting sites in South Africa

Premier League betting isn’t just limited to the UK. Punters from all over the world are interested in the success of the English representation, including Nigerian punters! The Premier League has excellent coverage on most Nigerian betting sites. While it’s easy to access this exciting event from multiple different operators, one offers a much more comprehensive list of pros!

We recommend Betway


betway logo

Up to 100% Bonus

Trusted Sportsbook by Best Betting Africa


Whether you prefer pre-match betting or in-play betting, Betway Nigeria covers the Premier League extensively! The event is a smash-hit on the site, garnering tons of users that love seeing the action unfold. The best thing about Premier League betting on Betway is that every single match is covered! No matter what, you won’t miss a game.


There’s plenty to gain and little to lose when Premier League betting on Betway. The operator offers Nigerian punters excellent odds, plenty of football-focused promotions, and several bet types! The icing on the cake here is the Betway live streaming service. With a funded Betway account, punters can watch Premier League matches and bet on them through the same platform!


Premier League betting on Betway can be boosted through a couple of bonuses found on the site. At the moment, the best one punters can go for is Betway Welcome Offer! Compared to its other offers in the region, Betway’s Nigerian Welcome Bonus is a bit heftier! It offers users a 100% Deposit Match up to ₦100,000! Here’s how to get it:


  1. Accept the Betway Sports Welcome Offer when registering with the operator
  2. Deposit at least ₦100 in the “Cashier” section
  3. Receive your matched deposit in the form of a Free Bet and have fun betting on Premier League games!


It’s easy to see that there are many pros to choosing Betway when Premier League betting in Nigeria. Here are some of the best ones:


  • An excellent Sports Welcome Bonus
  • Extensive game coverage
  • Live streaming option
  • Several different bet types
  • Great odds on Premier League games


betway logo

Up to 100% Bonus

Trusted Sportsbook by Best Betting Africa

LaLiga logo

La Liga betting sites in South Africa

La Liga is currently one of the most popular leagues in the world. The Spanish football league event gets tremendous coverage worldwide, and Nigeria doesn’t fall behind here. Most, if not all, betting sites in the region cover La Liga betting. Naturally, one website does a better job of this than the rest by offering much better benefits!

We recommend 22Bet


22bet logo

Up to 100% Bonus

Trusted Sportsbook by Best Betting Africa


22Bet is a global operator that’s expanded to Nigeria in recent years. While it’s only been present in the region for a short time, it’s already impressed most visitors! A big reason for this is the operator’s football offer, especially the La Liga coverage! Punters can expect great odds, excellent football promos, and top-notch features such as cash-out when betting at 22Bet!


While the overall La Liga offer at 22Bet is top-tier, one of the best parts is the bonuses. We recommend going for the Friday Reload Bonus when betting on the event. The recurring bonus consists of a 100% Deposit Match up to ₦40,000 that players can obtain once a week! Given the duration of La Liga, punters can use this bonus several times and boost their betting experience significantly. Here’s how you can snag this bonus:


  1. Confirm that you want to receive Sports Bonuses from 22Bet
  2. Deposit at least ₦100 on a Friday
  3. Receive the bonus and start betting!


Here are some of the best things about La Liga betting at 22Bet:


  • Competitive Odds
  • Full La Liga coverage
  • Cash-out feature
  • A variety of bet types
  • Hefty bonuses and promotions


22bet logo

Up to 100% Bonus

Trusted Sportsbook by Best Betting Africa

serie a logo

Serie A betting sites in South Africa

Italy’s top football league, Serie A, undoubtedly gets plenty of traction worldwide. In Nigeria, the event is among the most popular leagues for punters! Serie A is immensely exciting, so most Nigerian betting sites make it their mission to offer full coverage of it. Most do this successfully, with some boasting slightly better offers than others.

We recommend 10bet


10bet logo

Loss bonus

Trusted Sportsbook by Best Betting Africa


10bet is our top pick for football betting in Nigeria, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The operator does an incredible job of covering Serie A betting from start to finish and offering top-notch odds! These pros are further enhanced by odd boosts on select games and frequent promos that apply to Serie A betting!


These features are also supported by other pros. Mainly, players are privy to a live streaming service that covers the entirety of the event! Combined with the nice 10Bet Welcome Bonus that can greatly boost your experience, there’s a lot to love here!


If you’re interested in giving the 10bet Sports Welcome Bonus a shot, you gain plenty. It includes a 100% loss bonus that can be used on your first bet. To use it for Serie A matches.


To sum up the Serie A betting experience on 10Bet Nigeria, we’ve made a comprehensive list of benefits you get:


  • A generous Welcome Bonus
  • Serie A live streaming
  • Top-notch mobile betting platform
  • A variety of bet types
  • Great odds


10bet logo

Loss bonus

Trusted Sportsbook by Best Betting Africa

UEFA Champions League logo

Champions League betting sites in South Africa

There’s no denying that The Champions League is the biggest football event of the season! Nigerian Punters adore the excitement that comes with this global phenomenon, which is why most betting sites cover it thoroughly. While Champions League betting is widely available in Nigeria, the offers aren’t always the best. Some sites often offer very limited betting on it, taking some of the fun out of the activity. Thankfully, this isn’t the case for every Nigerian betting site!

We recommend 1XBet


1xbet logo

Up to 200% Bonus

Trusted Sportsbook by Best Betting Africa


1xBet Nigeria might not be the most popular betting site in the region, but it gets plenty of traction. A big reason for this is its incredibly extensive Champions League offer! The site covers the entire event, offering excellent odds, great football promos, and offers plenty of different bet types. Nigerian players undoubtedly have plenty to gain at 1xBet, but nothing compares to its insanely rewarding Welcome Bonus!


The Sports Welcome Bonus at 1xBet is the best way to enhance your Champions League betting. It includes a 200% Deposit Match up to ₦100,000, which is significantly larger than most comparable offers. Users can pick up this bonus easily by following these next few steps:


  1. Create an account with 1xBet Nigeria and enable the “Take part in bonus offers” feature
  2. Deposit at least ₦400 
  3. The bonus will be credited to your account automatically!


It’s good to note that this bonus does come with a few restrictions, but they’re pretty lax. You can find them in the 1xBet terms & conditions.


The benefits of Champions League betting at 1xBet are undeniable. Here’s a summary of what you’re privy to:


  • Excellent odds
  • Generous Welcome Bonus
  • Frequent bonuses and promotions
  • Extensive Champions League coverage
  • Many different types of bets


1xbet logo

Up to 200% Bonus

Trusted Sportsbook by Best Betting Africa

super-eagles emblem

Super Eagles betting sites in South Africa

The Super Eagles are Nigeria’s pride and joy. The country’s national football team is beloved by many, which is why punters love betting on it when games are on! When Super Eagles games are in question, the locals do it best. Several local operators do an incredible job of following the team’s games and supporting top-tier betting packages associated with it.

We recommend Bet9ja


Up to 100% Bonus

Trusted Sportsbook by Best Betting Africa


Bet9ja is very well-established in Nigeria when football betting is in question. The operator boasts great odds, helpful features, and plenty of promos that apply to the popular sport. Of course, all of this also applies to Super Eagles betting on the site! Users can experience all of these great benefits when betting on their favorite team and more!


The best way to enjoy Super Eagles Betting on Bet9ja is by taking advantage of the operator’s Welcome Bonus. The Sports Welcome Offer consists of a 100% Deposit Match up to ₦100,000! Players can obtain this bonus by following these few steps:


  1. Deposit at least ₦100 through the “Cashier” section
  2. Play through the deposited amount until all bets are settled
  3. Once you’ve completed the previous steps, the bonus will be credited to your account automatically!


The benefits of Super Eagles betting at Bet9ja are incredibly varied! Here are some of the best ones:


  • Great odds
  • Hefty Welcome Bonus
  • Excellent Super Eagles coverage
  • A range of promotions
  • Excellent mobile betting platform


Up to 100% Bonus

Trusted Sportsbook by Best Betting Africa

Other popular sports markets in South Africa

While football is undoubtedly the biggest fan favorite in South Africa , other sports also get a chance to shine. South African punters seem to be big fans of basketball, tennis, boxing, and several other popular sports. All of these sports bring an exciting atmosphere to the table, so it’s no surprise to see why they’re so beloved. These sports also have much better coverage when markets are in question.

nba logo

Best basketball betting sites

The popularity of basketball and football is almost neck and neck in Nigeria. Most operators do a great job of covering local basketball markets and big worldwide events. Unfortunately, this coverage isn’t as extensive as it might be with football.

We recommend 22bet

22Bet is currently the reigning champ in Nigeria when basketball betting is in question. Leagues like the NBA, the WNBA, and plenty of local games are always in the mix! Users can expect competitive odds on these games, excellent sports promotions, and useful features.


It’s good to note that while there aren’t any basketball promos on 22Bet, the sports offers apply to basketball markets. Luckily, this means that users can take advantage of the hefty Sports Welcome Bonus! The bonus is made up of a 100% Deposit Match up to ₦50,000, with very few limitations. Here’s how you can get the bonus:


  1. Register an account with 22Bet
  2. Deposit at least ₦400
  3. Once your deposit goes through, the bonus will be credited to your account automatically!


There are plenty of pros to Basketball betting at 22Bet. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive list, here’s a quick summary:


  • Competitive odds
  • Great welcome bonus
  • Recurring promotions and bonuses
  • International market coverage
  • Cash-out feature


22bet logo

Up to 100% Bonus

Trusted Sportsbook by Best Betting Africa

atp tour logo

Best tennis betting sites

Tennis is another sport that receives plenty of attention from Nigerian punters. Users can expect extensive coverage of Wimbledon, the US Open, Australian Open, and French Open on most Nigerian betting sites! The regional coverage is somewhat scarcer, but it is available with certain operators.

We recommend 10bet


The tennis offer on 10bet Nigeria is just as good as its other offers. The betting site does an excellent job of giving users access to both global and local markets around the clock! Despite the obvious benefits of having plenty of matches to bet on, users are also privy to competitive odds, frequent boosts, and nice bonuses.


For 10bet tennis betting, we suggest using the 10bet Sports Welcome Bonus as a boost. The bonus grants users a 100 % loss bonus that can be used on the first bet.


Here are some of the benefits punters get when tennis betting on 10bet:


  • Competitive odds
  • Frequent odds boosts
  • A nice Welcome Bonus
  • Excellent international and local market coverage
  • Many different bet types


10bet logo

Loss bonus

Trusted Sportsbook by Best Betting Africa


Best boxing odds and sites

Boxing might not be as big as football, tennis, and basketball, but Nigerian punters have a big affinity for it. Users will find that most Nigerian betting sites offer a variety of international and local boxing markets! Not only is the sports decently covered when markets are in question, but most sites offer great odds. Compared to some other sports, this is a big step up!

We recommend Betway

Boxing is a pretty popular betting pick on Betway Nigeria, and with good reason. Punters can find matches in multiple international markets, along with ones in different weight classes. It’s safe to say that pretty much every aspect of boxing is covered on the site. The odds for the sport are competitive, boosts and promos are frequent, and the bonuses are hefty. Additionally, players can even live stream matches from time to time.


If you’re looking to boost your bets on boxing at Betway, the Welcome Bonus is a great way to go. It consists of a 100% Deposit Match up to ₦100,000, which can be used on boxing. Here’s how you can get this bonus:


  1. Register an account with Betway and accept the Sports Welcome Offer
  2. Deposit at least ₦100
  3. The bonus will be credited to you automatically in the form of a Free Bet!


Here’s a list of the biggest benefits to boxing betting on Betway:


  • Competitive odds
  • Live streaming on select matches
  • Plenty of bet types
  • Extensive market coverage
  • Excellent promotions and bonuses

betway logo

Up to 100% Bonus

Trusted Sportsbook by Best Betting Africa

Online Sports Betting in South Africa

Online sports betting in South Africa has been around for a while now, but it’s hit its stride recently! With the popularity of online sports betting growing worldwide, many top-tier operators have expanded to include the region. The growing competition in the market has made local operators provide better services to compete with large companies. Of course, all of this has brought tons of benefits to Nigerian punters!

Betting markets

Betting markets on South African betting sites are much more diverse than some punters might think. While local operators have a bigger focus on local events and leagues, they do also boast some international reach. On the other end of the spectrum, international betting sites offer more international markets but less local ones. The good news is, both local and international betting sites cover most of the big league events for all sports!

Betting odds in South Africa

It’s no secret that odds can vary greatly between betting sites, and South African sites are no different. We can see a similar thing happen here like with betting markets. Globally established operators do a better job at providing odds for overseas leagues and games. In contrast, local South African sites usually offer better odds on games in African regions.

10bet sports betting mobile hand

Payment methods available in South Africa

South African  punters have a myriad of options to choose from when making payments on online betting sites. To allow better access to as many people as possible, most South African operators include several forms of payment. These often include bank transfers, electronic wallets, bank cards, and more!

Deposit methods available to South African players

Depositing is easy on most South African  betting sites. Among the more popular methods with operators, you’ll find options like VISA, MasterCard, Opay, Quickteller, Neteller, local banks, and more! At the moment, Opay and Quickteller are fan favorites. Since these options are available on mobile, they make the deposit process that much easier. Convenience is key, and online payments are usually preferred. 


Withdrawal methods for South African betting sites

Withdrawing is usually an easy task on South African  betting sites. Again, methods like bank cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers are available with most operators. In most cases, players won’t have to pay any fees and can withdraw in local currencies. Unfortunately, withdrawing can be a bit more limited than depositing since some popular payment methods don’t include a withdrawing option.

Is sports betting legal in South Africa?

Sports betting in South Africa has been legal for a while now. The activity is regulated by a few governing bodies, including the National Lottery Regulatory Commission and the Lagos State Lottery Board. As long as their betting on a licensed betting site, punters shouldn’t run into any issues.

Sports betting history in South Africa

Like most places in the world, South Africa has an interesting history with betting. While the most relevant betting laws were put in place in 2004 and 2005, betting in South Africa has been for ages. In the past, most betting activities were unregulated and often happened in “underground” gatherings. These days, things have changed drastically. Betting is much safer now than it used to be, and it’s all for the better!

Why chose is home to everything African punters need to know about online betting. We extensively cover all aspects of online betting, from operator reviews to betting guides! Our database is constantly updated with the latest information for multiple African regions, South Africa included. With our help, South African punters can find the best betting sites in their area, the odds they offer, their bonuses, and much more!

South Africa Betting FAQ

Most SA sportsbooks have excellent odds. Overall, the best odds can be found on sites like 10bet and Betway since they cover more markets. 

To start online betting in South Africa, all you need to do is register an account with a betting site. The process only takes a few minutes and requires users to verify their identity.

Currently, the best soccer betting site in South Africa is 10bet. The operator covers a wide range of markets, offers great odds, and supports excellent features.

Sites that support live streaming often have a separate tab marked “Live Streaming” or “Streaming”. If you can’t find this tab, you can check the site’s FAQs for more information.

Yes. As long as they’re licensed and regulated by the proper authorities, they’re legal to bet on.

Free betting sites are very rare to find. The good news is, some betting sites offer No Deposit Bonuses that technically fall under the free betting category. It’s good to note that these bonuses are rare.

Most South African betting sites accept ZAR. Of course, this can vary depending on the deposit method used.